natal teeth

Natal Teeth

Some pearly whites were meant to shine just a little earlier than others! Have you ever wondered if babies can be born WITH teeth? We’ve got the answer. Read below to find out.

Though rare, it is possible for your baby to be born with teeth. Also known as, natal teeth, these only make an occurrence in about one in every 2,000-3,000 births. Natal teeth are simply regular baby teeth that have poked their way out pre-maturely. Not to be confused, natal teeth are different than neonatal teeth which come 30 days post-birth. Natal teeth often have weak tooth structure with no root and are wiggly (though babies can be born with a full set of healthy teeth too!) Though the ‘root’ cause of natal teeth isn’t confirmed, it’s believed that cells that create teeth are positioned closer to the gum. Other than that, they may be associated with medical conditions such as Pfeiffer syndrome, though this is rare.

Now, does this mean anything potentially harmful for your little one? The answer is generally no! If your baby has natal teeth, you should contact your doctor if you notice issues with feeding or things that don’t quite look right around their mouth, such as ulcers. Keep in mind, if the teeth are too loose, there could be a choking risk. Usually, it’s okay to leave them in place until they naturally fall out. Until they do, you can take care of them as you would regular baby teeth. In cases when they are loose, the teeth should be removed to prevent any dislodging risks.

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