Mealtime Entertainment Without Screentime

We get it. You’ve had a long day and you’ve just sat down to dinner and would really like to enjoy it. But after using the last of your energy to make said meal, you’re likely lacking in the idea department when it comes to keeping tech away from the table. Instead of turning to the TV for entertainment, here are a few ideas which might be able to keep the entire family engaged during dinner.


  1. Dinner Theater – Everyone picks a character they want to embody over dinner. Use an accent, talk about the things they would talk about, etc. At the end of the dinner, you each take a guess of who the other is. Even if you’re all wrong, you’ve likely had fun!
  2. Fictionary – Grab a dictionary and point to a random word. Then, everyone at the table guesses the definition.
  3. The ABC game – Pick a subject, like animals, and go around the table picking an answer for each letter. So, the first person would say, “A is for Alligator” and the second would have to repeat the first person’s answer and add an answer for the next letter like, “A is for Alligator and B is for Baboon.” This game helps little one’s build up their ABC’s while the adults can work on memory. It’s a win-win!
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