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Life Postpartum: What Returning to Work is Really Like

Maternity leave. Having it is great, returning from it can be daunting. We asked one BEABA mom to share her story about transition back to the workforce, post baby.


Having your baby is bliss. Being with them every day is a dream. Then, as time goes by slowly but surely, you realize the clock ticking on your maternity leave is about to ring. The thought of leaving your baby is a new wave of guilt you haven’t felt before.


It may be harder than you expected. Leaving them is tough, because your time with them is cut in half. You may feel guilty because you aren’t spending enough time, due to work, school or other commitments. If you don’t have a family member as a sitter, finding someone to watch them one can bring a wave of anxiety. Interviews upon interviews. You have to find someone you could trust with your newborn, which is no easy foot.


Then there’s the thought that whoever is watching them while you’re at work could influence them more than you. Whether it’s your first, second, or third it’s not odd to feel sad or guilty with all three. I did. Though you’ve been through it before, leaving your child for the first time isn’t easy and you are not alone. The good news? It does get better.


Time moves on, you get into routine and you’ll realize that although you aren’t with them as much, they are okay. Whether it’s making sure to spend time with them after each work day, planning fun activities on the weekend, or other means soon it will become a less painful. Make sure to look at the positives, too. Though your toddler is in childcare, they’re also learning and gaining important social skills! It’s cliché to say, and we hear it often, but don’t be too hard on yourself mama, you’re doing great.


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