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Judging A Banana By Its Color

If you’ve ever sought after the perfectly ripe banana, join the club. Have you ever stopped to think about what a green banana actually tastes like? Neither have we. Are you quick to toss out any banana that starts to develop freckles? We’re right there with you. As it turns out though, there are benefits to eating underripe and overripe bananas (and there are ways to make them more appealing!).


For anyone who has ever eaten a banana before it’s fully ripe, you know that both the texture and the sweetness levels are off. So why eat a greener-hued banana? The greener the banana, the lower the glycemic index of that banana making it great for people who are diabetic or who are trying to keep their blood sugar levels low. These greener bananas also keep you full for longer – so, blend them in a smoothie and you or your family may never know that you added it. That said, steer clear of these greener bananas if you or your little one has been feeling constipated.


Banana lovers know that the satisfaction level of eating a perfectly ripe banana is pretty high. That first bite is pure bliss: the texture, the sweetness…we can go on and on. Besides that, though, these ripe fruits are much easier to digest and can help those who are having issues with #2 (if you know what we mean). They’re high not only in potassium, but also contain resistant starch which could be healthy for your gut. Another benefit to these mellow yellow ‘nanas? The resistant starch they contain does not result in blood sugar spikes.


To toss…or not to toss, that’s the question. The answer here is to keep calm and brown on! Brown bananas may be visually offensive (especially to your toddler) but these overripe fruits should not be overlooked. If you’ve accidentally let a banana sit out on the counter (or in the fridge) for too long, toss it in the freezer for use in a smoothie down the road or put an apron on and make some banana bread! Pro tip – if your bananas aren’t quite overripe and you’re craving banana bread (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), toss that banana in a brown paper bag overnight and your banana will start to develop freckles in no time at all. You’re welcome.


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