How to Manage the Sleepless Nights

As a mom of three, I have had my fair share of sleepless nights. We’ve all been there! I have also had experience with bottle, formula, and breastfeeding my kids. Here are some tips to help make those sleepless nights and endless feedings a little easier:


Try prepping ahead of time

If you are bottle feeding or formula feeding your baby, you may want to purchase a bottle warmer for those late night feedings. Every night before bed, have your bottle warmer, water, formula, and clean bottles conveniently located in your room or your baby’s nursery to prep bottles for baby. This sets you up for success and saves you the extra trip to the kitchen!


Get in bed

If you are breastfeeding your baby, a great way to get some extra shuteye is to nurse while lying down in your bed. It is much easier and beats trying to stay up in a rocking chair. Plus, your baby will get that extra bonding time with mommy.


Naps, naps, naps

When baby sleeps, you sleep. No truer words have been spoken. Just 10-15 minutes of shuteye can make you feel human again.


Ask for help

Ask dad, family, and friends to lend a hand! If you have smaller children, ask Grandma or Dad to take the little ones for an hour or two while you and baby get some rest. Having help around the house with laundry, cleaning, and even dinner is a big relief as well!


Look for alternative energy boosts

Time to go back to work, but still not getting enough sleep? Instead of reaching for classic caffeine sources like coffee and tea, try eating energy boosting foods like sweet potatoes, bananas, almonds, salmon, and yogurt to put more pep in your step.




How do you manage your sleepless nights? Do you have any tips and tricks to add?


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