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How to Keep your Kids Entertained during the Holiday season

As Holiday season approaches, you’re likely looking forward to the additional family time. But, as any seasoned mom knows, the more time your kids are home from school, the more time you have to entertain them. With more grandparents to visit and dinners to attend, you may start wondering how your two-year-old or ten-year-old will deal. Well, worry no more! Drink a little eggnog and check out some of these fool proof ways to keep your littles ones entertained this season.  


For those long car rides…

  • Did someone say cheese?! Buy a cheap digital camera and let them go wild with it. They’ll love getting to use an electronic that they’re not usually allowed to and from selfies to landscapes, they’ll get a kick out of taking pics. Not to mentioned you’ll now have those memories captured forever!
  • Etch-A-Sketch. An oldie but a goodie, this toy is a classic that never gets old. Have one person “draw” something and the others have to guess what it is. It’s a fun twist to get everyone involved!

For those long family meals…

  • Got a fashionista in the making? Let your little one head to their room and change outfits for every course. It’ll break up the seated time and give them something to do. Encourage them to find the best “dessert” outfit or give them a theme for each change of clothes such as “rock star.”
  • Two words: Butcher paper! Buy a roll and tape it to the table. Bring crayons and markers and let you little one go bananas! Encourage them to draw each person around the table, which will keep them busy as they circle the room and interact with friends and family.

If you’re at the airport…

  • Get the creative juices flowing by playing the “Name Game.” Simply name the people you see walking by, based on what you and your kids think they’re named or should be named. Giggles ensue as you find a Carl, Candy, or Cordelia!   
  • Scavenger Hunt. Create a list of wacky, less expected things like a guitar, ski gear, and cowboy hats and either take a stroll or a seat while you all keep an eye out for them.

For those long snow days…

  • Got yourself in a ‘sticky’ situation? If your children are between 4 and 10, they’re likely obsessed with making slime. Give it a holiday twist such as
    • Snow Slime: Make a stark white slime, add glitter and metallic snow flakes to finish it off! Add a hint of peppermint oil for a festive holiday touch. 
    • Rudolph Slime: Make brown slime in a a jar, followed by gluing googly eyes, a red puff for nose, and brown pipe cleaners for antlers. 
    • Hanukkah: Make a glitter blue slime with sequins. Finish off the decor with mini gold, silver, or blue dreidels.  
    • Christmas Tree: Make a sparkly green slime with a variety of different colored sequins for ornaments. 
    • New Years: Make clear slime with glitter, on glitter, on glitter! Add confetti and metallic stars for double the fun. 
  • Tacky holiday sweater making. The more glitter, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, and jingle bells the better.
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