How do i increase my milk supply?

How to Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

Turns out, little people require quite a bit of milk to grow (whodathunk?!) …so what’s a mom to do when baby’s reaching the ‘bottom of the barrel’?  It can be frustrating and leave you feeling a bit defeated when you’re running on empty and your little one is crying for more. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to make sure that your little one is satisfied.

  • More is more: Meaning, it may seem counterintuitive, but nursing more often can help you produce more milk. It can be as simple as that! Focus on nothing but nursing and resting up – nursing (with few distractions) may just do the trick.
  • Say YES to Yeast (and oatmeal and almonds, fennel, and leafy greens, too): While there isn’t much research to support claims that certain foods increase milk supply, some moms find that certain foods do, in fact, increase their milk supply. This could be due to the fact that some of these foods (oatmeal, almonds, fennel, leafy greens) have high levels of the essential vitamins and nutrients that aid in milk production (i.e. iron).
  • Stare into your baby’s eyes (and listen to them cry): It goes without saying that being a new parent can be most exciting, yet overwhelming, times of your life. So, all those feelings of being overwhelmed may be affecting the amount of milk you’re producing. Take a deep breath, get comfy, be present and stare into your baby’s eyes. You won’t be nursing forever, after all! Enjoy this one-on-one time you have with your little one…even the cries, which have been proven to promote milk production.
  • [Lactation] #CookieDiet: These deserve a separate mention, aside from yeast, oatmeals, almonds and all that wonderful healthy stuff. If there’s ever a time to go on a #cookiediet, now may be the time! From handmade, to hand-delivered (shout-out to Amazon Prime!), we think that justifying these cookies is a definite ‘DO’!
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