How To Get Past Your Mom Guilt

Mom guilt. It haunts us all. Just those two words read by any mom will elicit an emotional response. In our attempt to do the best we can, we often fail to celebrate our mommy wins, but never hesitate to beat ourselves up for what we should have or could have done better.

In a world where moms are working more than ever, yet also spending more time with their kids than ever, don’t you wonder where all that time is coming from? Or how about all that energy, patience, or dedication?

Moms are putting more pressure on themselves than ever before. We think that we have to work full time (and some have to in order to pay the bills), but we have SERIOUS mom guilt about putting our children in daycare or even answering an email from our phones. Ladies, how can you work and not put you child in daycare? What job would you be able to keep while being unresponsive? Why do you feel guilty about providing for your family? If you’re a working mom, be proud of that. And for those of stay at home moms, applaud yourselves because while you may be working from home, you are most definitely working a full-time job.

But mom guilt doesn’t stop there. We feel guilty about going to the gym, spending time with friends, heck even spending time alone. Let me ask you a question, how useful are you to your children as an unhealthy, stressed out person? You may be a mom, but you’re also human and need to be whole. Taking time to make sure that you’re a happy, fulfilled person doesn’t make you a bad mom, it makes you a good one.

You are the foundation of your family, and we all know that any home is only as strong as it’s foundation. You clean throw up. You do endless amounts of laundry. You show your children love and compassion, even when the terrible-twos kick in and they’re throwing spaghetti at your face. Being a mom is a tough job. You’re doing the best you can, so ditch the guilt and give yourself some grace. You’ve got this!

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