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How To Be Okay With Your Post-Baby Body

You’ve just had a baby. You’re overjoyed. Sort of… If you’re loving your baby’s cute little chubby legs but hating your left over chub, we’re here to tell you, “It’s ok.”

Image by @thefortintrio via Instagram

While mainstream media and fitness IGers flog you with images of women 6 weeks post partem with flat bellies, do not feel the need to hold yourself to someone else’s version of what good looks like.  You had a baby. More specifically, you grew a baby. This means your body grew as well, and while being healthy is a good goal, thoughts about how you should look like this or that might just be self-sabotage.

Image by @inthemuddleofmitchells via Instagram

You don’t expect to make millions when you post a photo to social media, right? So why do you expect to look like this person? You know it’s illogical to expect the money, but why don’t you know it’s illogical to expect to bounce back like someone who only eats kale and works out 5 hours a day?

The answer is, because you’re human and you’re not thinking logically, you’re thinking emotionally. So, instead of telling yourself, “I have to lose this baby belly” how about saying, “I’m good with me.”

Ideally, your goal in life is to always be the best version of you. Hold yourself to your standard of what good looks like for YOU. Work toward that, do the best you can, and then every night you can sleep well knowing that you’re the best version of you possible and that you’re only going to get better and better.

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