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How to Balance Working Out as a Mom

Balancing all the responsibilities of motherhood can be overwhelming, but how can you fit in time for yourself? We asked Pure Barre instructor and momma, Heather from A Life Well Loved to give us her advice when it comes to fitting a workout in with kiddos!


As a busy mom, making time to exercise and take care of yourself can easily get pushed to the bottom of your to do list. While our children quickly become our top priority, it is still SO important to take care of our body, heart, and mind so we can be filled enough to pour out to our littles all day long! For me, exercise is something that I make a priority in order for me to feel like the best mom I can be, and my mission is to empower other moms to do the same! Today I am giving you 5 quick and easy tips on how to fit in exercise as a busy mom.


#1 – Include the Kids

One of the easiest ways to get a workout in is to grab our stroller and go for a walk or run with Leyton and Finn! Most of the time, I try to make it fun for the boys by ending our walk at a park where they can get out and play! While there, I make the best use of my time with the playground equipment. Yes, I’m that mom HA! Whether pull ups on the monkey bars, squats while watching my little man slide, or step ups on the curb, the options are endless, and it is fun to mix things up!

You can also get your kiddos involved just by playing outside with them. Chasing them around, picking them up, or playing games may feel more like having fun than working out but it’s an easy way to get your heart rate up!


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#2 – Schedule Workouts at The Beginning of the Week

For me, having time set and scheduled specifically for my workouts help to actually make them happen! At the beginning of each week, I check my teaching schedule with Pure Barre and with my personal trainer at HomeFit and log the workouts into my calendar. Visualizing my busy days helps me to know when I will need to have a babysitter come or when I should just plan on getting my workout in with the kiddos.


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#3 – Find A Gym / Fitness Class Offering Childcare

With my crazy schedule as a work from home mom, content creator and Pure Barre teacher, I have had to learn where and when to take advantage of workouts that offer childcare. When I’m teaching Pure Barre, I have my babysitter come over or my husband, Eric, stays home with the kids. When I go to Burn Boot Camp, they offer childcare, so I am able to bring the kids with me while I fit my workout in. Additionally, I love having Homefit come over because I am able to get my workout in while my littles are napping or are right there with me!


#4 – If All Else Fails, YOUTUBE!

If you find yourself in a time crunch or maybe you are trying to squeeze your workout in at the tail end of naptime, YouTube the amount of time you do have and an area of the body you want to target. For example, I will search “20 Minute Arm Workout” or “15 Minute Core Workout”. While it may not be an hour-long workout, at least you got your body moving, heart rate up, and did something for yourself!



#5 – Give Yourself Grace

If you are able to squeeze a workout in today, that’s awesome! If not, it’s totally okay to try again tomorrow. Taking the time to invest in yourself and finding what that means for you, is most important! More than likely, you are running around with your kiddos 24/7 anyway and you are a lot more active throughout the day than you think you are!




About Me:

Hi y’all! I’m Heather, the creator and editor at My Life Well Loved! I created my website out of my passion to empower women, inspire confidence, and elevate living a life well loved. I’m mom to three-year-old Leyton and ten-month-old Finn, wife to Eric, and healthy lifestyle advocate! I am defined by my faith in Jesus, my southern roots, and my deep love for people. I’m just learning to balance it all! MLWL is a place where I strive to affirm women to embrace the balance, get their sweat on, enjoy a glass of wine, and savor the little things. MLWL is a destination for fitness, fashion, mom hacks, wellness tips, and most importantly FUN!

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