How fast will my breast milk dry up?

How Quickly Will My Milk Dry Up?

The day has come…you’ve decided to start weaning your little one off breast milk (or you’ve decided not to breastfeed at all). Now that you’re kicking the pump and nursing bras to the curb, you may be wondering just how quickly your milk will dry up. The short answer to this is that it will vary from momma to momma. It can take a week or longer, so prepare yourself to hang in there if it seems to take longer than you’d expected. Generally, the longer you’ve been nursing your baby, the longer it’ll take for your milk to dry up. In the meantime, here are some quick tips to help:

  1. Cool it with cabbage: it may sound a bit odd (aren’t many natural remedies, though?) but here’s the truth: cool cabbage leaves will be your new BFF when you’re trying to dry up your milk. Pop a head of it in your fridge, and then rinse the leaves before placing a leaf in each bra cup. Voila – instant comfort, especially if your breasts are engorged.
  2. Hands off: whatever you do, don’t touch your breasts and refrain from allowing your little one near them! The more stimulation your breasts receive, the more likely you are to encourage the milk to flow.
  3. Step away from the pump machine: while it may seem like second nature to want to pump (especially when you’re in pain), avoid pumping. The more you pump, the more your body will continue to produce milk.
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