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How Pregnancy Changes Your Vision

Did you know that when you’re pregnant it causes your vision to be altered? Yeah, swelling reaches more than just your hands and feet! Here’s the 411.

When you’re pregnant, you retain water everywhere, not just in those cankles. Due to fluid built up behind the eye, the cornea can also change shape and thicken, leading to blurry vision. This could also be why your glasses or contacts may not seem as effective, too. While we’re at it, contacts along with solutions and cleaners are s-a-f-e to use while pregnant. Note that using contacts during pregnancy may feel more irritating than normal due to dry eyes. This is because pregnancy hormones decrease tear production. Not to fret, discomfort can easily be fixed with artificial tears. Confirm the drops are compatible with your contacts before use, as some contain preservatives that harm soft contact lenses.


When to worry

Very rarely, vision changes during pregnancy can be a sign of a more serious issue called preeclampsia. Symptoms of this condition include high blood pressure, protein in the urine, light sensitivity and blurry vision. There are also signs of damage to another organ, most commonly the liver or kidneys.

High blood sugar levels can also damage blood vessels in your retina. The risk goes up as your pregnancy progresses, giving opportunity to contract a temporary form of diabetes called gestational diabetes.

If you feel any symptoms with your vision for a prolonged period, it is best to contact your doctor and set up an appointment quickly. Attending your prenatal visits regularly will catch conditions such as these head on!

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