How Much Spit-Up Is Too Much?

How much spit-up is too much?

We hear this question A LOT. As a parent, spit-up can not only be frustrating (and let’s be honest, a bit less than pleasant!), but it can also be concerning. It prompts questions like, “Should they be spitting up this much?” and “Are they getting enough nutrition?”

First, let’s start with the fact that the amount of spit-up on your floor (or you, more often than not) is usually a lot less than it looks. If you could sop it all up and measure it, you’d likely find that it’s just a fraction of what he or she ate. Take a couple of ounces of milk, for example, and drop it on your kitchen floor. You’ll see this little bit of liquid can spread out and make quite a mess!

Secondly, while the amount of spit-up might be what’s concerning you, most doctors will tell you that as long as your baby is happy and gaining weight, then there’s likely nothing to be concerned about. Of course, if you suspect they are in pain or discomfort, or they show any signs of respiratory distress, these are signs you should see your doctor.

So, while you’re worried about what appears to be a lot of spit-up, it’s most likely not and it’s probably completely normal. And, you’re a completely normal parent for worrying about these things!  🙂

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