pregnant belly with smiley face made of icing

Hilarious Maternity Photos

We’ve all seen our fair share of maternity photos, but you’ve never seen ones like these on your timeline. If you need a giggle, you’re welcome…

1. Fill her on up. This is where babies come from, right? Via Peta Pixel


2.  We’re not quite sure how accurate this is…. Via Dump a Day


3. Did Halloween come early this year? Via Anorak



4. Someone’s definitely coming in like a wrecking ball… Via Stella Maternity


5. Fact: Men feel pregnancy symptoms too.

Via Bored Panda.

6. It takes a lot to load a baby we hear…

Via Pinterest


7. This couple is definitely scoring more ways than one this year! Via Pinterest


8. It be like that sometimes….. ALL THE TIME.  via Pinterest


9. Oh no! HONEY, I shrunk the….husband?! via Pinterest

10. Safe to say Cats is probably their favorite musical. Via Pinterest



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