Healthy fry alternatives

Healthier Fry Alternatives

Fried Oreos and Twinkies, step aside! As big fans of “French” fries, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to discover other delicious (and dare we say, healthier) versions of our most beloved fried food so that every day can be a Fry-day 😉 Here are some of our favorite fry alternatives.


What’s the fastest way to get a toddler to eat a green veggie? By breading it, baking it, and dipping it in ketchup of course. They’re even low in calories! Bread, bake, dip and repeat for optimal results. 🙂

Sweet Potato:

A classic alternative, yet one we would be remiss not to mention. Bake ‘em, fry ‘em – do whatever floats your boat!


Everything is better with avocado, amiright? We’ve stepped up our avo game up a bit by breading them and tossing them in the oven. If you’re not convinced that this is a good idea, imagine biting into this: a delectable, velvety inside with a gloriously crunchy outside. Our mouths are just watering thinking about it!


If you’ve got a sweet tooth for sweet potato fries but you’re hoping to mix things up a bit, we’ve got just the fry alternative for you. Leave them au naturel or roll them around in a bath of garlic and cheese before baking them.


Sometimes, when we’re feeling exotic we get real coco-nutty and make these. Put the taro in the coconut and shake it all up…is that how that song goes? It’s the tune we’re singing when we make these, especially since taro has three times more fiber than your average spud (say see-ya to those Yukon Golds!).

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