Frozen Purees in Multiporiton Container

Food Storage & Prep Hacks To Save Time

As a mom, you likely feel like you spend A LOT of time in the kitchen. Here are a few hacks to help lighten the load. Bon Appétit!

  1. Oatmeal Oasis – Mornings can be hectic with little ones. After everyone has gone down for the night, prep overnight oats to make the mornings a little smoother. Or, you can make instant oatmeal in the Babycook with the push of a button 😉
  2. Double the Recipe – If you’re making things like sauce or waffles, it takes nearly no extra effort to double or triple the recipe (assuming you have a big enough bowl!). Make more than you need and freeze the rest to save yourself a step the next time.
  3. Freeze Those Herbs– Let’s face it, nothing is worse than coming home to prepare a meal just to realize your basil has gone bad. Whether it’s basil, thyme, rosemary, or dill simply place herbs in the Multiportion pockets and add oil. The oil prevents the herbs from getting brown AND freezer burn. A win-win if you ask us!
  4. Upgrade Your Tools – Old school potato peelers are for the birds. Upgrade to this version which forms to your hand and makes peeling super easy. Also, if you find that you’re constantly mincing garlic or chopping onions, throw them into the Babycook for a quick fix.
  5. Backup Meals – So you have grand intentions of making an awesome Sunday dinner, but then you get stuck in traffic or you realize you forgot a key ingredient or, gasp, you just don’t feel like cooking that day. We can’t be Betty Crocker all the time, and in those cases, have a backup dinner or two in the freezer. While the thought of things like frozen enchiladas may not sound that appetizing, healthy and delicious options are now plentiful (like Amy’s Black Bean and Vegetable Enchiladas). Trust us, buy one or two for that rainy day.
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