Everyone Wants to Touch My Belly…Help!

Is it just us or does it seem like strangers feel they have the right to come up and touch all the pregnant bellies they see? While we definitely understand the delight to share in the joys of motherhood, sometimes the uninvited caressing of your belly can feel like a total violation. So, how do you deter unwanted tummy touching without coming off as rude or being classified as hormonal (ugh!)?

Well, let’s start with the more basic ways. If you get the inkling that someone’s coming in for a rub, position your hands over your belly. Without saying anything, this gesture alone would give the hint that you’re not open to their hands on you. Now, if for some reason they lack the ability to sense other’s feelings and still come in to touch you, you could simply [calmly] ask them to respect your space.

Now, for the more fun options…if someone asks you if they can touch your belly, here are a few of our favorite responses:

“Can I touch yours?”

“What? I’m not pregnant.”

“Buy me a drink first?”

No matter what, go with your gut (pun intended) and do and say what feels right to you in the given situation.

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