Feeding baby puree

Early Flavor Learning

Did you ever think you could influence your baby to PREFER vegetables? According to this little phenomenon called Prenatal Flavor Learning, you potentially can. According to this research, if a mother eats a wide variety of healthy foods during pregnancy, their baby will be more predisposed to not totally hate those foods upon starting solids. Sounds crazy cool right? Here’s how it works.

In pregnant women, both food and drink travel through amniotic fluid and is eventually swallowed by the fetus. While getting the nutrients they need to grow, they’re also introduced to the new flavors that come with it. Repeated offenses, in this case, are good. The more likely they’re given the flavor while in the womb, the less likely they’ll turn their noses up to it when they are earth-side.

Studies show flavor preferences that are formed before the age of two continue into adulthood. Introducing flavors during this window can potentially promote children to make healthier decisions and be less picky eaters. New moms can still keep the ball rolling once their baby has arrived, as breastmilk also has traces of what the mother herself eats. Once your baby is ready for solids, providing a variety of flavors (healthy fruits and veggies), rotating every 4-5 days also promotes a healthy palette development.

This isn’t to say if you eat carrots while pregnant your baby will be coo-coo for carrots, but hey you can never go wrong with eating a healthy diet. If a taste for fruits and veggies is a side effect, sign us up!

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