Building a Bond After Adopting a Child

Hi I’m Lindsey from @livesweetphotography and I am so excited to be here today sharing with you a little about our family and our adoptions! We are a family of five living in north eastern PA. My husband and I have three littles, Noah 8 who is biological and Libby 3 and Finn 8 months who we adopted. Adoption is such a hard but beautiful journey. Both of our adoption experiences were completely different and complete blessings to our lives. The process is long and often difficult but the things you learn along way can be life changing in such a good way. I know that I am a much better person because of the struggles I faced during our adoption. I also look at life and families so differently now. I have much more grace for everyone around me and crazy appreciation and love for my family. 

I had the pleasure of breastfeeding Noah as a baby but was not able to do so with Libby and Finn. This was a very hard part of adopting for me because I wanted to be able to give them the same healthy start and nourishment I was able to give Noah. We did a lot of research and tried different formulas to make sure Libby and Finn’s bellies were always satisfied and feeling good on the final formulas we chose. It was a trial and error but once we figured it out they both have been so healthy. Having products like the formula container by Beaba have been a life saver when it comes to keeping formula on us at all times for whenever they needed it. Once Finn got to an age where he could start eating solids I knew that I wanted to make the majority of his food so that I could feel more apart of his dietary nutrition. The Beaba baby food maker has been so wonderful and easy for making delicious and healthy baby food that I am proud to get to feed to my sweet babe. 

There are many differences between birthing a baby and adopting a baby but there is one thing that isn’t different at all and that is the amazing love and joy that your precious babies will bring you! As moms we all just want whats best for our children and we are all going to have to do things a little differently. I am so thankful for this community and brands like Beaba that help lift mothers up and encourage us!

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