Will I Know When My Water Breaks?

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We’ve all seen it in the movies – the uber-pregnant woman suddenly has a gush of fluid pour out as her water breaks. But, is that really how it happens? The answer is not likely

First of all, 87% of women do not have their water break at all before labor begins. So, unless you’re having contractions, there’s only a 13% chance that your water has broken. But, let’s talk about that 13%…

If your water breaks, what does it feel like? You could have a spontaneous pop with a quick gush of warm fluids. Other times, you can have a slow trickle. While it’s easy to identify the first, the second is a bit tougher to understand, as it can be mistaken for pee. Most mommies-to-be have issues with bladder leakage (it comes with the territory!), so with just a little bit coming out at a time, it can be harder to tell if you water really has broken.

If you’re experiencing what you may think is your water breaking, give your doctor a quick call and they can bring you in to check. 


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