Mom Cooking Disasters
Baby Food Recipe

As a mom, I cook. A lot. Mainly because my little ones are ALWAYS hungry, but also because I genuinely enjoy it. As with most things, the more you do it, the better you get at it, but I’ve had some epic mishaps that will go down in history.

  1. Breakfast Breakdown – Have you never noticed that vanilla extract and mint extract (when you buy the good kind) have the exact same little brown bottle? Yeah, well neither did I.  I soon realized this as I went to make pancakes one Sunday morning and accidentally added mint. I tried to figure out a way to salvage them thinking, “Everyone likes Mint chocolate chip, right?” Wrong. Let’s just say they definitely did not taste like Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.
  2. Road trip Disaster – My kids and I went on a road trip through rural Iceland. This meant dinners made in tiny hostel kitchens with food picked up at the only grocery store within an hour’s drive. While hearing stories from a group of guys who had just been hiking in Nepal, I lost track of time and my fresh pasta cooked for way longer than it should have. My Italian gourmet pasta turned into one big starchy ball. Our planned dessert of carrot cake and brownies became the main course, though I can’t say my kids we’re too upset about dessert for dinner.
  3. Thanksgiving 2016 – As Thanksgiving is approaches, I am reminded of this kitchen mishap where I still have no idea where I went wrong. I slaved all day. Basting the turkey regularly. Timing everything just right. Everything was peachy until we sat down at the table and I took that first bite. I will NEVER forget that first bite. Let me tell you, it was truly awful. I instructed everyone to put down their forks and we promptly ordered pizza.

I wish I could say that this list came close to covering the food missteps that my kids never forget to remind me of, but it doesn’t. The good news is I cook salmon to perfection and I make killer brussels sprouts which are frequently requested, so I’ll call it a net win. I’m sure there will be more mishaps in the future, but you just have to let them roll off your back and remember… pizza will most definitely always be there to save the day.


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