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Balancing Motherhood And Fitness, According To A Personal Trainer

We know that balancing motherhood and fitness during this time can seem impossible. Gym time is no longer an option because they’re physically closed! But that doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to your workouts all together. We asked pre/postnatal NASM-certified Personal Trainer and Master Instructor Melody Davi how she’s been balancing the two, as well as her best advice for keeping your kiddos active at the same time! Read below for the scoop on tons of at home workouts and exercises you can fit into your new mama schedule – no fancy gym equipment necessary!

How many kids do you have at home?

I currently have just the one, my daughter Maggie, who is 5.

How do you keep your kids moving during this time?

We have been trying to get as creative as possible.  With no daily “P.E.” and the playground currently shut down (not to mention living in a New York City apartment), it is all about optimizing space.  Some of our favorite activities include: watching videos of animals and mimicking their movements (bird wing flapping is a fave!), trying to make all of the shapes of the alphabet with our body (hello, flexibility!), introducing yoga to find our “calm”, and, of course, being mommy’s workout buddy!

Easiest way to incorporate a workout with your kids?

Make it fun!  If they are old enough and want to join in, find basic exercises you can do together: squats, jumping jacks, high knees, even a silly dance party to their favorite songs will get your heart rates up!  We like to put on a Disney Spotify playlist and just jam- I get just as sweaty as I would in a dance cardio class!

Another fun tip is to set a timer for every 1 hour and have a 5 minute “Movement Break”.  You get a bit of fitness, and the kids will get out some excess energy!

Finally, put on a Youtube video of a children’s song with music: “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, and “Babyshark” all have some great movement cues that will REALLY get your fitness in!

Two of your favorite exercises to do with your kids?

My daughter is just over 40 lbs, but I still love using her as equipment (and she enjoys the fun rollercoaster ride!) We love deadlifts…

shoulder sit squats…

…and if she lets me, I’ll even do pushups with her on my back, though that is a challenge! When I’m NOT lifting my daughter up and down, we love doing high knees in place and fun yoga poses like “Happy Baby” and “Downward Dog”.

If you don’t have exercise equipment like dumbbells or bands, what’s your favorite substitute?

Bodyweight!  I also love using towels/paper plates to glide on the floor for piking planks, sliding lunges, and other pilates reformer-based exercises. When all else fails, grab some wine bottles for weights!

Go-to family workout?

Disney Dance Party!

We’re sure you make up your own, but do you have any awesome workout video/channel recommendations for fellow mamas?

I teach classes (Live and On-Demand) for Obé fitness, and I cannot express enough how impressed I am with their children’s programming: music with Kids Bop, movement classes ranging from 10-30 minutes specifically for kids, and the instructors just radiate positivity!

You can get 1 month free with code: MELODY100 on

Your best piece of advice for mamas right now?

You are doing more than enough.  Every day is different.  No day is remotely close to perfect.  We are all struggling to “make it work”. Take a moment: breath, find time for yourself and try as best as possible to savor the extra time with your kids that otherwise would not be possible.  We’ve got this!

Melody Davi is a NASM-certified personal trainer and Master Instructor with SLT and Obé Fitness. Follow Melody on social media at @melodynyc.

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