Safety Tips for Homemade Baby Food

Here at BEABA USA we believe that making your own baby food is the healthiest and safest way to feed your baby. The lack of chemicals, additives and preservatives in the food you make a home versus purchase is in itself a huge step towards overall better health. When you also add in the control factor of your own kitchen versus a manufacturing and processing plant (have you seen the stories over the years about pouched foods and their contaminants) that simply cannot be beat. That’s not to say though that your own kitchen and ways you prepare and make food cannot be problematic. Therefore, we want to share some tips with you to help make your baby food-making journey as safe and healthy as possible.

1. Make sure your hands, prep space, and all tools are clean. No seriously – make sure you’ve taken the time to wash and disinfect all surfaces including counter tops, cutting boards, knives, and underneath your own used-to-be-always-manicured-before-baby nails.

2. Clean all fruits and veggies, even if organic, and pat dry with a paper towel; not the dishtowel hanging on your stove.

3. If you are also going to make chicken or other meat (remember: Babycook is the only machine that allows you to actually cook meat in the baby food maker) we suggest you prepare and cut the meats on different cutting boards with different knives ahead of time to prevent cross-contamination.

4. When cutting your foods, be sure to tuck your fingers under your hands as you cut so that you do not accidentally knick your fingertips. (You’ve seen this done on Top Chef. It looks awkward at first, but actually makes for more even slices.)

5. If you happen to get distracted while making baby food, it’s usually OK to leave the blended or steamed foods (as long as they don’t contain meat) out for about 2 hours. We do however still recommend NOT thawing and refreezing any foods – even veggie and fruit purees.

6. Always Unplug your Babycook when not in use. It not only saves energy, but also prevents accidental pulls by little hands that could lead to fall from countertop.

7. Once you have prepared baby food, it can last in the fridge for about 3 days. After that you will want to freeze or throw that batch out. (TIP: when making food – always freeze half of what you make in your Portions or Multiportions since defrosting is the touch of one button in your Babycook.)

8. Always thoroughly take apart and clean all parts of your Babycook after use and allow it to fully dry.

Happy baby food making!

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