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banana walnut pancakes

We’re all for having pancakes for breakfast, but why not mix things up and have them for lunch or dinner? We’ve replaced some of the typical ingredients with healthier alternatives like coconut oil and coconut sugar and we’ve added flax for a boost of fiber.

for baby & me: good morning berry parfait

There’s nothing quite like eating fresh berries in the morning… we love them because they’re slightly sweet, very healthy and yummy as can be! This recipe combines one of our favorite types of fruit with protein-packed yogurt. Both baby and parents can enjoy this super simple recipe in the morning or as a sweet treat […]

Laughing Zucchini

We’re excited to share another Babycook video with our Beaba parents! Here’s a cheesy recipe that will be sure to appeal to your little one’s taste buds. It’s a great veggie-based recipe to round out the winter with, but can be enjoyed any time of year. Good to Know: Zucchini offers a great alternative to […]

baby’s beef stroganoff

As winter comes to an end, we’ve chosen a hearty classic winter dish from our Babycook Book that’s great for Stage 3 Beaba babies. This recipe is packed with protein, and has a healthy amount of veggies too! Good to Know: Not only is beef an easy meat for tiny tummies to digest, but it […]

beet and carrot purée

With Vitamins A through C, beets are good for me (and you, too)! This month, we’re featuring a super simple Stage 2 recipe from our Babycook Book. To balance the earthy taste of beets for baby, we’ve added carrots to this purée. The carrots sweeten the purée and provide an extra boost of Vitamins A, […]

simple leek puree

This recipe was inspired by Baby FoodE’s Simple Leek Purée recipe- we adapted it for Babycook. We loved this recipe not only because it introduces a less commonly used, nutrient-rich vegetable to your baby, but also because leeks are often used in our company’s home country of France. Good to Know: Leeks are high in […]

Simple Squash Purée

Did you know that butternut squash is a fruit, rather than a vegetable? The high level of vitamin C in this squash purée is preserved by the true steaming process of the Babycook- cooking destroys these high levels. Besides containing lots of vitamin C, squash also has little fiber which means that it’s easy for […]