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Resources To Help You Talk To Your Kids About Race

Research shows kids begin to form negative racial biases as early as age 3, according to Dr. Natalie Cort, a psychology professor at William James College. By age 11, she said, these perspectives are “crystallized.” It is crucial, and never too early, to talk to your kids about race. We’ve compiled some resources below to […]

Should You Consider Holistic Health Care For Your Baby?

What does a holistic approach to child health care look like? Should I consider holistic health care for my baby and family? Can babies even participate in a holistic lifestyle? We turned to Robin Berzin, a practicing physician and the founder and CEO of Parsley Health, to explain the “whole body” philosophy and elaborate on […]

Natal Teeth

Some pearly whites were meant to shine just a little earlier than others! Have you ever wondered if babies can be born WITH teeth? We’ve got the answer. Read below to find out. Though rare, it is possible for your baby to be born with teeth. Also known as, natal teeth, these only make an […]