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Breastfeeding: From Blisters To Bliss

  Breastfeeding runs you through the gamut of emotions. It can make you smile, cry, wince in pain and let out a belly laugh loud enough to startle your baby right out of his snoozing, suckling reverie. Spending those hours with your little one are an incredible gift, but it’s not always one you appreciate […]

What’s Fresh for Winter: Fruits & Veggies to Feed Your Baby (and Family)

Eating seasonally sounds so Earth mama and natural and organic. Who doesn’t like participating in activities that make them feel like they’re making a difference, especially if it’s low effort? Eating by the seasons is actually incredibly beneficial for you, your family, and your community. You save money, your produce is more nutritious because it’s […]

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for New Parents 

Baby’s first holiday season is always a busy and exciting time for new parents. With all the gift-giving opportunities out there, it’s also a great time for friends and family to come together and show support for those new moms and dads. That’s why we have put together a gift guide that focuses on a […]

The 411 on Food Additives

Most of us have the best intentions when feeding our children…the food industry, on the other hand, may not. In today’s world it is hard to feed our family with food that is only in its purest forms. We tend to go for foods that fit into our busy schedules. Most of these foods unfortunately […]

Lactation Cookies

You’re probably thinking, “What the heck are Lactation Cookies anyway?  And why would I want to eat them?”  So, we asked Yvette Saulnier, Fitness Chef and co-author of our new cookbook, to give us the scoop. Lactation cookies have gained popularity over the last several years.  They’re what I refer to as a “Purposeful Snack.” […]