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White Cheddar & Cauliflower Mac n Cheese

A dish loved by ALL kids, but with the addition of a few veggies! Mac n’ cheese is a great way to hide some veggies into your toddler’s meal. This recipe features cruciferous vegetables broccoli and cauliflower. Cruciferous vegetables have a plethora of health benefits.   

Healthy Purple Potato Mash

Though they don’t taste a whole lot different, they offer an extra boost antioxidants known as anthocyanin, which are responsible for giving them their vibrant purple color. Bonus fact? These group of antioxidants are also what give grapes their color, too! Get the recipe down below.      

How to: DIY Yogurt Bar

HACK ALERT! Help your little one increase their hand motor skills and have fun at the same time with our Multiportion Storage containers! The recipe is simple, place desired yogurt toppings into each portions, give your little one a bowl of yogurt and let them go to town topping their yogurt bowl! Our toppings of […]

Drowning Prevention 101

Summertime is in full effect, which mean trips to the beach or pool are around the corner. With that comes excitement, but also potential fear for most parents. Drowning is the #1 accidental cause of death in children ages 1-4. The good news is, it can be preventable. Here are some ways to keep your […]

Things You Should Let Slide As A Mom

As a mom, you likely feel intense pressure to be the best. To do more. To be on top of it all. In reality, to be the best parent you’ve got to let to learn to focus on what’s important TO YOU (not to everyone else) and let the rest go. Your version of slack […]