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The 411 on Healthy Fats

Today, we’re talking all about the difference between good and bad fat (yes, there is a such thing as good fat!) Read on to get the scoop. What is fat? Fat is a type of nutrient that the body needs for various reasons. This includes energy, vitamin absorption, and maintaining heart and brain health. Though […]


5 Healthy on-the-go Snacks

Ever get a snack attack? We sure do, and we bet your kids do, too! When you’re in a crunch, thinking of a healthy snack to take on-the-go doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are 5 healthy on-the-go snacks your toddler is sure to love! Tomato and boiled egg: This is a perfect post-breakfast or […]


6 Most Common Foodborne Illnesses

Feeling queasy? Cramped? Can’t get to the bathroom quickly enough? If you eat food, you’re bound to encounter a food borne illness (or illnesses) at least once. After all, there are 48 million cases of food borne illnesses per year. Among the most at risk are pregnant woman and young children. That said, these illnesses […]


Baby’s First 365 Days: Feeding

As a new parent, the overload of information can be overwhelming. At BEABA, we often get questions about feeding, whether it be about what solid to start with or what delicious recipes to try next. We’ve asked nutritionist Lisa Moskovitz to give us the low-down on her guide to Baby’s First 365 Days: Feeding.    […]


How To Be Okay With Your Post-Baby Body

You’ve just had a baby. You’re overjoyed. Sort of… If you’re loving your baby’s cute little chubby legs but hating your left over chub, we’re here to tell you, “It’s ok.” While mainstream media and fitness IGers flog you with images of women 6 weeks post partem with flat bellies, do not feel the need […]


How to Find Your Mommy Tribe

Finding your Mommy Tribe out and about can be tougher than blind dating (& sometimes just as awkward!). When scouting out potential gal pals there are a few topics you can discuss to determine if their vibe meets your tribe almost immediately. See the burning questions below to determine if your new acquaintances could turn […]


The Best Healthier Postpartum Snacks

The Best Postpartum Snacks You Can Make With Babycook While the Babycook is best known for its ability to make healthy purées and baby food, it’s actually as versatile as the beloved Instant Pot. It steams, blends, defrosts, reheats, and can even be used to make rice and pastas. If you’ve checked out our Mum […]