9 Ways To Introduce Lentils To Your Little One

Lentils – taste the rainbow! If you haven’t thought about introducing this colorful-family of legumes to your little one, you’re not the only one. They’re often overlooked, yet they pack a powerful punch in terms of nutritional content. Not only are they high in protein and fiber, they contain folate, iron, phosphorus and potassium. It may sound tricky to do so, but we’ve found ways of getting even the pickiest palates to become fans.

Lentil Bread: What’s a discreet way to sneak lentils into your little one’s meal? Lather lentil bread up with peanut butter and jelly, and call it a day! Yes, lentil bread is a thing.There’s no need to whip up a batch from scratch – leave that to the pros. You’ll likely find this unconventional choice at your local organic/healthy food market.

Lentils a la Broth: Go ahead, call us basic. Sometimes a bit of flavorful broth (whether it’s veggie, chicken, beef or even bone) can make all the difference

Lentil Chips: Want the crunch, with a powerful, nutritional punch? Join the club. We’ve found the superstar snack that will be the favorite in your family. A bunch of new, healthy snack brands now offer a lentil-based alternative to the typical chip. So, this probably won’t be a snack only for the kids. There are even dill & sour cream or jalapeno flavors for the more adventurous palates.

…and Lentil Dips: Because, what would chips be without dip? We’re still looking for the answer to that question. In the meantime, try a lentil-based alternative to your favorite dip. Make it yourself or find it by the hummus section. If you’re feeling skeptical about the taste, imagine a mild yet savory smooth cousin of hummus!

Lentil Griddle Cakes: The perfect on-the-go, protein-packed, savory snack! Are you salivating yet? No? Well, you should be. These lentil griddle cakes make the perfect finger food for toddlers or for families going the BLW-route. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself snacking on one, too.

Lentil “Meat” balls: Think this sounds like a recipe only for vegetarians? Think again. By combining lentils with traditional meatball ingredients like herbs and cheese (or a cheese alternative) and flour (gluten-free or not), you’ll get the same flavors as true meatballs but with leaner, meaner protein.

Lentil Pasta & Lentil “Bolognese” Sauce: First lentil “meat”balls, and now lentil pasta with lentil “Bolognese” sauce? Yep, we went there. Since lentils come in an orangey-red hue, your little one may not even notice the difference! Lentil “Bolognese” is easy to throw together. If you’re not into making sauce though, your family can try lentil pasta. Some major pasta brands now offer it, but a variety of brands can be found at most organic/healthy food markets.

Curried Lentils: If you’re looking for a sophisticated yet simple family-friendly recipe (that can also be blended into baby food!), this one’s for you. All it boils down to (see what we did there?) is combining lentils with spices, some garlic and some coconut milk! Check out our go-to recipe here.



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