Feeding and Cutlery

Your little one is constantly learning and growing, so mealtime is ever-evolving! Every baby grows at a different pace and has different needs - luckily, BÉABA has specialized in making this journey easier for both baby and parent. BÉABA feeding solutions and tips can help every step of the way.

Feeding Essentials

During the first two years, most babies will develop some proficiency with a spoon. The most ambitious young ones may even master it! To make sure you’re ready for this vital step, we suggest preparing your kitchen with the Essential Baby Feeding kit. This bundle comes with our signature Babycook® baby food cooker , as well as the Ellipse baby feeding bowl, Multiportions tray, and a Silicone Spoon. Once your little one is ready to venture into the land of solids, the Ellipse bowl helps keep mealtime messes contained with its high edges and a non-slip base.

After the first year your baby might be receptive to using a BÉABA spoon and fork set on their own. Cook and blend proteins, fruits and vegetables with the Babycook® and let your baby experiment using the Silicone Spoon from time to time. Over the next few months you may notice them trying to use utensils more and more.

Step by Step

Your child’s second and third years are years of even more rapid growth and learning. At the beginning, they might literally get a grasp of how to use a baby spoon. By the end of year three, they might even be trying to feed you! Experiment with the BÉABA Babycook® cookbook for new recipes and inspiration. As you and your family create new meals, use BÉABA baby food storage containers to keep your kitchen organized.