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5 Healthy on-the-go Snacks

Ever get a snack attack? We sure do, and we bet your kids do, too! When you’re in a crunch, thinking of a healthy snack to take on-the-go doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are 5 healthy on-the-go snacks your toddler is sure to love!

  1. Tomato and boiled egg: This is a perfect post-breakfast or mid-afternoon snack. Not only are eggs rich in protein, they contain nutrients such as lutein, zeaxanthin, and vitamin D (hello, strong bones!) Like avocados, eggs contain healthy fats essential for heart health. Place a hard-boiled egg and tomato in a small container, and season with salt and pepper.
  2. Pumpkin Seeds – If you’re in the car on a road trip or simply want a guaranteed easy, yet healthy on-the-go snack then seeds are here to save the day! Specifically, we’re talking either pumpkin or sunflower seeds. Small but mighty, these seeds are jam-packed with nutrients. Pumpkin seeds contain healthy fats, magnesium and zinc. In turn, these nutrients improve heart health, provide plenty of antioxidants and even promote good sleep! Sunflower seeds are especially high in vitamin E and selenium, which help protect your body’s cells against free radical damage, which can cause several chronic diseases. Pumpkin seeds can be seasoned depending on your mood. Craving savory? Bake with some cayenne or paprika. Got a sweet tooth? Bake with cinnamon. The possibilities are truly endless!
  3. Yogurt Bark– Whether your toddler’s favorite berries are blackberrie, raspberries, blueberries, or strawberries, the entire berry family is packed with health antioxidants that help reduce free radicals within the body (not to mention they taste delicious!) How to spice them up for an on-the-go snack, you ask? YOGURT.BARK. Yogurt bark is tasty and has additional probiotic benefits your little one. It’s super simple to make, too. Check out our version of this treat
  4. Zucchini Rolls with Turkey – This is how we ROLL! This snack is super simple and takes no time to make. Simply slice zucchini into long and thin slices, place turkey (or protein of choice) into the center and roll your heart out! Secure placement with toothpicks. You can also add cheese to these rolls if you’d like. Think of it as toddler sushi. Zucchini is abundant with potassium, phosphorus, calcium, fiber and vitamin C among others. Basically, it’s a super veggie!
  5. Kale Chips: These snacks are not only healthy, they’re really fun to make! Kale is a superfood for many reasons, including its rich source of Iron. Not to mention, making them into ‘chips’ is a great way to get your toddlers to eat this green veggie! It’s also a great way to get plenty of nutrients, including fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin K. To make, preheat oven to 275 degrees. Remove ribs and cut kale into 1 ½ inch pieces. Drizzle with olive oil, salt and other desired seasonings (you can get creative!) and bake until crispy, turning the leaves halfway through.
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