Baby Monitors

When you know your baby is content, you are content, and when he sleeps, you can too. However, sleep schedules don’t always mesh, so when your baby wakes from a nap or at night for feedings, you need to be notified right away. To do that, you need reliable transmission from a dependable baby monitor with well-defined digital sound. That’s why we created MiniCall Audio Baby Monitors.

MiniCall is an easy-to-use square device with crystal clear digital sound and huge 1,000 foot range, making it a must-have for any nursery, grandma’s house or for travel. Both the monitor and receiver are lightweight and compact, which also makes them the perfect travel baby monitor. With a modern design and fashionable color choices, MiniCall Audio Baby Monitors are the ideal complement to any home’s décor. 

Unique Features

The compact and attractive design of this shock- and water-resistant long-range baby monitor protects the power hidden inside. MiniCall Audio Baby Monitor also features:

-25-hour battery life

-1,000-foot (over 300 meters) transmission range

-Rechargeable batteries

-USB charging port

-BPA, Lead and Phthalate free materials 

Safety Indicators 

We know your baby’s safety is paramount, so we designed our MiniCall baby monitor with these security features.

-A green light activates to show you are in range of the baby’s transmitting unit. If you move out of range, a red light flashes a warning and the unit beeps to draw your attention.

-A red light indicates the battery is charging, so you’ll never be surprised with a dead battery.

-When set to silent mode, the flashing LED light indicates that your baby is crying.

-The unit automatically sleeps in standby mode when the room is free of noise or sound, but it activates at the slightest noise as your baby stirs.

Building Trust

BEABA has been a global leader in the juvenile products industry since 1989. MiniCall Audio Baby Monitor is one innovative creation in a long line of quality baby gear.