Food Storage

Make Feeding Time Easier

Making your own baby food is a great way to know exactly what goes into your baby’s meals. The thought of making homemade baby food may sound overwhelming, but we offer all the tools including baby food storage containers and silicone freezer trays to make it simple! By making your own baby food with Babycook, we estimate that you can save over $1,500 annually over buying packaged baby food. Your baby can often eat simpler versions of what you make for the rest of your family, which means they’ll be introduced to a variety flavors (and they’ll be far less likely to become a picky eater later on). 

When you cook your baby’s food, consider making extra. Store leftovers in baby food plastic containers and keep them in the fridge or freezer until you’re ready to use. Fresh foods retain more of their vitamins and minerals, even when frozen for a few days before eating.

Food Storage Tips for Safety

Homemade baby food is best if eaten within three days of preparation unless you freeze it. Make extra when you’re cooking a meal, then take it out of the freezer when you are time-crunched. The BEABA Multiportions silicone freezer trays are ideal for storing individual servings. Use Babycook’s steaming function to reheat these servings, which allows foods to retain nutrients and vitamins. Blended foods without meat or dairy can be left out for about two hours, at most.   

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We have a large selection of baby food containers for formula, snacks and meals. Made to fit tiny appetites, food won’t be wasted because you can take out exactly what you need. Defrost and reheat meals in your Babycook, using the steam function which helps keep the nutrients in the food that you lovingly cooked for your baby. Don’t forget to browse through our baby food recipe collection to get meal inspiration!