Baby Bath & Potty 

Bath time offers a fun opportunity for parents to provide their babies with safe, soothing and relaxing experiences. Potty training also affords a unique and special occasion for parents to guide, support and encourage toddlers as they learn and progress. As a global baby gear leader, we support developing families by creating innovative products designed to securely, comfortably and effectively carry you and your child through every important stage of development and growth.

Bath Time 

Washing your child requires nothing less than the best baby bath tub. Our large, lightweight Ultra Compact Fabric Bath makes bath time easy, comfortable and convenient for both you and your baby. Composed of fast drying, slip- and mold-resistant thermoformed material, this BPA-, Lead- and Phthalate-free bathtub cultivates a secure and calming experience by cradling and conforming to your baby’s body. The nonslip feet offer a solid grip, while a side showerhead support makes filling this tub’s six-gallon capacity and rinsing your child a breeze. This distinctive tub also easily collapses for seamless storage.

Potty Training

When the time comes to select a training potty for baby, we have your needs covered. Designed to provide comfortable, stable and slip-resistant support for both girls and boys, the BÉABA Ergonomic Potty is also handy for moms and dads. A detachable pan combines with a sturdy back handle for easy cleaning and expedient transport, making this toilet the ideal choice for you and your tiny learner. You can also continue to use this toddler training potty seat as your child grows by pairing it with our Toilet Training Potty Booster and 2-in-1 Step Stool.

Developmental Fun

At BÉABA, we want bath and potty phases to be enjoyable for both you and your tot, so we tailor our products to deliver on that premise. Order our top-quality tub and potty to nurture peaceful experiences that endure throughout the early years of life.