24 Hours of Parenting

3:00AM Like clockwork, the baby demands to be fed

3:04AM Feed said baby

3:30AM Burp the baby and lull her to sleep

4:00AM Try to get some more shut eye

4:45AM Nevermind that, the baby needs a diaper change

5:00AM Rock baby to sleep again

5:15AM Try to get some more shut eye

6:00AM My two year old and five year old wake me up demanding hamburgers and french fries for breakfast

6:30AM Make them oatmeal instead

7:00AM Finally get them to sit down for breakfast

7:15AM Field complaints that breakfast isn’t a Happy Meal

7:30AM And the baby’s up!

7:35AM Feed the baby, dress all three children while eating a piece of peanut butter toast

7:50AM Redress two of the children after a chocolate milk spill incident

8:00AM Throw a load of clothes in the laundry

8:05AM Make and pack three lunches

8:30AM Throw every item we own into the car

8:45AM Coax all the children into the car

9:00AM Sing along to songs about sharing as I drive all of the children to different locations

10:00AM Finally make it to work

12:30PM Go to my lunch meeting

1:30PM Leave my lunch meeting to see that I had kitty stickers stuck to my blouse the whole time

5:00PM Leave work, pick up all three children

6:00PM Get home

6:05PM Feed baby

6:15PM Put baby down

6:16PM Start dinner

6:18PM Yell “Don’t bite your brother!”

6:30PM Ask, “Do you have any homework?”

6:32PM Make sure dinner isn’t burning

6:35PM Field complaints that dinner isn’t a Happy Meal

6:40PM Yell “Dinner is almost ready!”

6:45PM Wash three sets of hands

6:50PM Sit them all down and serve dinner

7:30PM Clean up dinner

7:35PM Read math problem, “Why will the remainder never be greater than the divisor?” and explain.

7:37PM Play dolls with one child while helping the other with homework

7:40PM Finish cleaning the kitchen

8:00PM Hear “I have to go pee!”

8:01PM Run to the bathroom

8:20PM Brush their teeth

8:40PM Get PJs on

8:45PM Hear “I want milk” from the other room as I put the baby down

8:47PM Go to the kitchen and get water instead because I just brushed their teeth

8:50PM Get back into the bedroom to yell, “Stop jumping on the bed!” and “Be careful!”

8:55PM Finally settle everyone down to read a book

9:00PM Turn off the lights and tuck in bed

9:01PM Shower

9:03PM Vow to myself that bedtime really does need to happen earlier tomorrow

9:05PM Remember those clothes I put in the laundry this morning…

9:30PM Lay down in my own bed for a few minutes of silence (golden). Smile because I wouldn’t have it any other way.

3:00AM Do it all over again.

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