Toddler Cutlery

Toddlers are constantly learning, building their personalities, habits and even personal preferences. New parents are often amazed at just how much their little one grows and changes over the course of a few months. Like every new parent, you want your toddler to develop healthy eating habits and tastes. During their toddler years, the right toddler cutlery sets can help make mealtime even more easy and fun for both parents and chilren. BÉABA cutlery sets are designed to make it simple for your little one to learn their way around the dinner table with ease!

Easy for Baby

BÉABA has designed toddler stainless-steel utensils that are sized to fit growing hands comfortably. The handles feature ergonomic shapes for a better and more comfortable grip. For toddlers, this means that learning to eat is a less cumbersome task. For moms and dads, this means that the potential for messy spills is much lower. The toddler spoon and fork sets come in a few different colors to help keep your little one engaged and excited about mealtime.

Easy for Mom and Dad

All BÉABA toddler cutlery is dishwasher safe, making life a bit easier for parents. Some sets include a carrying case option that fits snuggly into diaper bags and alongside baby food storage containers. In fact, the colorful sets have matching storage container options, which is an added bonus if you have multiple toddlers or meals to prepare. Going on a trip? You can keep each meal and cutlery set organized based on color! Best of all, BÉABA cutlery sets are free of BPA, Lead and Phthalates.

Your toddler’s cutlery is a learning device through which they discover the joys of dining. For you, it is an important tool in your child’s journey towards independence. BÉABA has your back every step of the way!