While babies may have to try a new food several times before enjoying it, they will love our spoons the moment their little hands grab ahold of the soft, colorful handles! BEABA has designed fun utensils to enhance each stage of your baby’s nutritional development. The best part of all is that BEABA utensils are dishwasher safe and 100% BPA-, Phthalate- and Lead-free! 

Stage One

Brightly colored and intended to help introduce your wee one to solid foods, our First Stage Silicone Spoons are well-balanced with a shallow head that prevents gagging. The bright colors of our silicone baby spoon set promote eye development, while the handles are large enough for an adult to hold with ease and long enough to allow scraping the bottom of a bowl or a baby food container. The all-silicone design is reminiscent of a pacifier so that it feels familiar in the mouth and is gentle on your baby’s swollen, tender gums as they teethe. Don’t be surprised if these spoons become your baby’s favorite!

Stage Two

As your baby grows and gains more dexterity, our product line grows, too! Our 360° Spoon, which was created to be your child’s first self-feeding spoon, locks to become a standard traditional spoon. The deep spoon shape on this self-leveling utensil makes it nearly impossible for food to fall off the spoon and reduces mealtime mess, as it spins and rights itself on the way into baby’s mouth. We also offer Second Stage Ergonomic Cutlery designed with wide, thick handles to comfortably accommodate your toddler’s growing hands.

Stage Three 

By now your toddler is probably mimicking your every move! While your baby may try to grab for your spoon or fork, he or she is probably not quite ready for adult-sized silverware yet. Meet our Stainless Steel Cutlery – this fork, knife and spoon set is sized just right for little hands and prepares them for the transition. The unique arched design of each utensil makes it easier to lift without spilling, and prevents contamination as well.

Feeding Fun 

Baby utensils are just as important to your baby’s feeding experience as the foods you give him or her. We strongly believe that  mealtime should be a fun and enjoyable time for the entire family, and our feeding products help make that possible! Try our silicone baby feeding spoons or any of our other cutlery and feeding accessories for a stress-free meal experience.