Finding and preparing healthy foods that your baby will eat can be a challenge. Whether they’re put off by the taste or the texture, little ones can cause parents a lot of stress when it comes to trying new foods. BÉABA is here to help! Our cookbooks are filled with tasty, kid-friendly recipes to get your entire family on the right track.


Starting you infant on solid foods is scary, and there are dozens of food combinations to try. When you make your little one’s food yourself, you want to find the best baby food recipes. The BÉABA cookbooks guide caregivers through making nutritious recipes to expose baby to a variety of tastes. From purées to finger foods, our cookbooks provide helpful meal ideas and tips for preparing them quickly. As an added bonus, most of our recipes take less than 20 minutes to prepare! 


Parents constantly struggle to get kids to eat healthy foods. As a baby, your child may not be a picky eater, but you may have a problem convincing older kids that fruits and vegetables are still just as delicious. BÉABA has a selection of great recipes that taste so great, kids won’t even know that they are nutritious!


Moms’ busy lifestyles may keep them from focusing properly on their own nutrition.  That’s why BÉABA has developed quick, easy recipes that give moms the nutrition they need. Created especially for new and expectant mothers, our Mum cookbook gives moms plenty of delicious recipes along with helpful nutrition tips and tricks to help  stay on track.

Nutrition for the Whole Family

Preparing nutritious foods for the whole family should be as easy and simple as possible – life as a new parent is challenging enough, after all! Try out a Babycook® recipe and you’ll see just how easy preparing nutritious family meals can be.