Babycook Plus

Whether you’re a stay at home mom or dad, a working parent, or a multitasking mommy of twins, Babycook Plus was created to save you many hours of meal preparation time. Designed by Beaba in France, it’s the first baby food maker to have dual capacity canisters, and that means you can cook and blend vegetables for soup in one side while blending up a mixture of fruits in the other. Tired of making baby food every night? With the specially designed steamer and baby food blender, it’s easy to prepare and freeze a week’s worth of meals in no time.

Specially Designed

Many items claim to be specially designed for the busy modern parent, but Babycook Plus really has been. With over 25 years of experience, Beaba knows what busy mothers need and it shows with all the added features. Here are a few of the special features designed with your busy lifestyle in mind:

- The blender is quiet and won’t startle baby.
- One unit for steam cooking, blending, defrosting, and reheating.
- One-handed operation means you can safely hold your baby while cooking.
- One button steaming has an automatic shut off feature, so it won’t overcook foods.

Health Benefits

Like most mothers, your baby’s health is constantly on your mind. With Babycook Plus, steaming foods and, saving the excess nutrient-rich water, is a breeze. Why throw out all those vitamins and minerals when you can easily add them into baby’s soup or pasta creations? Also, since steam cooking preserves flavors and vitamins, you don’t have to worry about adding sweet foods like apples or pears like commercial brands do. This gets children used to craving sugary foods and not liking the savory taste of vegetables and proteins. Because the food made in Babycook tastes fresh and delicious, not only will your baby enjoy the meal, but he/she will grow up to like a variety of foods and be less likely to be a picky eater as an older child or adult.

As children grow and mature, you won’t need to stop using this amazing baby food maker. It’s a breeze to steam vegetables for a toddler, or even quickly make a favorite soup, tomato sauce, pesto, dip, or smoothie. The uses are endless.


Because your baby’s health is important to Beaba, Babycook Plus is lead-free, BPA-free, and phthalate-free. Use it with confidence because it is the best baby food maker available.