Replacement Parts

Keeping Babycook in Tip-Top Shape

Frequently used appliances, like Babycook, may need parts replaced from time to time. Beaba makes it easy to find specific Babycook replacement parts, such as lids, bowls, gaskets, blades and more. Whether you’ve lost a piece during a move, dropped a bowl, lost the power cord or need another gasket, it’s easy to shop for replacement parts on the BEABA website.

Add Parts for More Versatility 

Families often want additional bowls, lids or other parts to be able to do more with Babycook. We have a Rice, Pasta and Grains Insert that allows you to cook starches right in Babycook. By having extra parts, you don’t have to wash one bowl to have a marathon cooking session on a Sunday! Having additional parts also allows you to prepare different foods for different family members.

Babycook Isn’t Just for Babies

The Babycook is an essential countertop appliance that can be used at every meal, for anyone! When your baby gets older and doesn’t need pureed food, use your Babycook to make food for the entire family!

-Make mashed potatoes, steamed vegetables or finger foods

-Whip up a smoothie

-Create dips and dressings to add zing to your dinner

-Reheat dishes with the steam function

-Defrost foods in Babycook

-And much more, look for inspiration in our cookbooks and on our website

Find Replacement Parts for Your Babycook

Don’t let your Babycook sit in the cupboard if you have inadvertently lost or broke one of the parts. If you’re unsure which part you need, contact one of our Customer Support team members. We have replacement spare parts for Babycook, no matter which color or model you own!