5 Things That Have Changed Since Your Mom Had A Baby

Remember the MySpace days? It feels like eons ago, but in actuality its only been a little over a decade. Feel like you’re in a time warp yet? A lot has changed since then, so imagine how much has changed since you were born. A whole lot! Here are five things that have changed since your mom had a baby.

  1. Breastfeeding Support – One step for a woman, one GIANT leap for mankind! While we still have a ways to go for moms to be able to breastfeed anywhere at any time, things like breastfeeding rooms in corporate offices didn’t even exist till recently. Say what?! Now, moms have access to lactation consultants at birth, support groups, and efficient breast pumps.
  2. Drop Side Cribs – Safety first! This go-to crib made it easy for moms to easily get their little one out of bed, but after dozens of deaths, these cribs were pulled from the market and banned(and they aren’t missed either, sayonara!)
  3. Cesarean Section Rates – Ever heard the myth that Julius Caesar was the first to be born this way? Though that is just a wise tale that can’t be proven, Cesarean Sections were prevalent in Roman times. Crazy to think about right? Back in the 70’s, C-Section rates were about 5%, but have steadily risen to an astonishing 32%, meaning moms are much more likely to deliver via a surgery, increasing their recovery time and complication rate.
  4. Baby Books – Back in the day (we’re talking only 10 years ago), moms would have a keepsake book with pictures, info about the birth, and maybe even a hair clipping. Now, as the world is increasingly digital, very few people even have printed pictures, meaning baby books are now a thing of the past for most people.
  5. Car Seat Safety – Hold up, baby on board! This has come a LONG way in the last couple of decades. Not only are kids required to stay rear-facing longer, but many hospitals will require an inspection of the car seat to make sure it’s instilled properly before letting the baby leave. Vroom vroom!
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